The Hooker on the Desk, 1966

Politicians and hookers go together, like, well politicians and lobbyists, which is where the hookers come from, to act as go-betweens, funded by corporate bosses with agendas they want to see implemented by the leaders of the government of the day.

In Canada the Conservatives – the ones who shout loudest about family values, just like in the USA – are often caught with their drawers down in compromising positions.

In 1966, it was no less a figure than Canada’s Minister of National Defence, the Conservative Cabinet Minister the Rt. Hon. (sic) Pierre Sevigny, who was outed for consorting with Gerda Munsinger, a foreign prostitute between 1958-61. This was in bad taste for two reasons: he wasn’t supporting a Canadian sex trade worker, like his more patriotic colleagues, and because she was simultaneously boinking an East German Communist security agent.

After all this was the Cold War era, when Canada had state secrets, like the Bomarc missile and the Avro Arrow, worth prying out of people during pillow talk.

We can clearly recall Walter Dinsdale (1916-1982), a fellow cabinet minister who was there, describing the scene for us (in 1966), that when Prime Minister John Diefenbaker first got wind that a member of his cabinet was caught in a compromising position with a hooker, he hauled them all on the carpet and walked up and down the lines of sheepish ministers, like a stern prairie preacher, wagging his finger in their faces, his jowls jiggling, as he quivered, “Aaah… Was it YOU?” In fact Gerda said she boinked numerous ministers in John’s cabinet.

You’ve got to remember, each one feared his own secret trysts with hookers – Gerda was the only one publicized – was on the verge of being outed… And wondered, “Should I confess now, or wait for Pierre, or George (Hees), or… to take the fall…?”

Amid all this unctuous moralizing, one should give Pierre, and his fellow Conservative cabinet ministers, credit, for being pioneer promoters of Canadian multi-culturalism – Gerda was German – and for recognizing its benefits, long before Pierre Trudeau ever came along to take credit for promoting it.

Modern Conservative Ministers of Defence, like “Maximum Cad – ‘he never even loved me'” – Bernier in 2008, have clearly learned a lesson from Pierre’s example. They now patriotically “parade” with local girls, but are, if anything, more dumb than ever, now leaving secret Government papers, as well as DNA behind… Go to Maximum Cad Bernier.

Pierre Sevigny’s hugely embarrassed wife, Corinne (née Kernan), was livid when she finally found out what Pierre had been doing on top of her family’s most prized possession, his fabled historic desk, and immediately sold it to Canada’s top antique dealer.

Go to see the Desk on which Pierre had Gerda

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