Great Canadian Election Memorabilia, 2011

With Canadians in the middle of a hot election campaign in April, 2011, the cunning Conservatives are handing out this “twofer” patriotic pisspot, to its core group of mostly rural voters, as a free gift for showing up at Steve Harper rallies. They get, not only a fine memento of their glorious leader, but also, a handy appliance for mom and pop when it’s just too awkward to go out to the outdoor privy on those cold winter nights. (ed. note, for foreign readers: Most of Harper’s voters come from the more backward regions of Canada, e.g. “the sticks” in Ontario, the Prairies, and downtown Calgary.)

This fabulous “thunder mug” features an angelic portrait of “El Maximo Leader” gazing soulfully upward, wondering whose rural ass he’s going to have to kiss next to get elected… It will certainly be a valuable collectible in years to come.

Conservative Prime Minister Harper and his wife Laureen smile solicitously at a typical Conservative voter on whose support they depend, though she's more interested in "being on TV" than discussing politics with a guy wearing "geeky" glasses, and some woman she's never heard of except at election time...

We last met Laureen when Harper sent her his famous “Letter to Laureen” AKA “I skipped to the Loo My Darling” because of his famous turn on the world stage at the G8 and G20 summits.  Go to the Loo, My Darling.

Though apparently most popular in rural Ontario and Saskatchewan, the Patriotic Pisspots – or the PPs, as they are cheekily referred to, by insiders at the PMO – are reportedly also being eagerly snapped up in urban areas of Alberta where they are being put to good use in downtown Calgary by university profs and their wives in their SUVs, and by Redneck Yahoos in pick-up trucks. Or is it the other way around…? Ahh, it doesn’t really matter, in Harper country; you can arrange the words any way you like, and they still fit…

This fine Patriotic Pisspot is made by the same contractor that earlier had produced the now hard to find, fabulous “Threefer” Patriotic Pisspots for Harper’s favourite general Rick “the Killer” Hillier.

These now fetch astronomic amounts we’re informed, but just can’t be found for love or money, at any price.

Show me General Hillier’s ingenious Patriotic Threefer Pisspot designed to catch Bin Laden 

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